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tremadone ingredientsIt is good that you are taking time to research the ingredients of Tremadone before you try it.  Understanding why different ingredients are included can help you ensure that this mixture will not react with other medication that you might already be on.

The nice thing is that with a natural product like Tremadone, you can actually understand what is going on inside the pill without a complicated medical degree — something few allopathic medications offer.

Basically, Tremadone helps Tremors by taking a two-pronged approach.  The first step is to support the nervous system with plenty of vitamins that are critical for optimal nerve health.  Then, it uses a proprietary blend of herbs to increase dopamine production and boost synapse response between nerve cells, helping to correct the weird signalling that causes tremors for many people.

Here’s the overview you’ve been looking for:

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) – B2 is an essential vitamin that actually is not found in many foods.  It is critical for helping our bodies break down carbohydrates into their correct sugars.  Many people find their bodies to be deficient in this vitamin both due to its availability in our food sources as well as their body’s ability to extract it.  Serious symptoms of deficiency can include fatigue, anemia, night blindness, and migraines. You can supplement it up to about 10 mg per day.  Taking too much vitamin B2 can actually hurt your body, so don’t overdo it. Because B2 is so vital to the body’s processes of metabolism, it helps the body process Tremadone and better extract the essential nutrients you need.

Vitamin B12 – B12 is used in the metabolic processes of every single cell in your body.  When the body has a hard time absorbing it from food, you can start seeing a variety of symptoms including depression, pernicious anemia, tremors and even hallucinations. It is hard to overdose on B12, so you can take as much as you find to be helpful for your symptoms.

Folic Acid – Frankly, because so many of our cereals are fortified with folate, it is rare for someone who eats a traditional Western diet to be deficient on Folic Acid.  However, folic acid deficiency leads directly to nerve damage.  So it makes sense to include it for optimal nerve health.

Valerian Root -  This herb is very similar to benzodiazepene drugs in that it improves the reception of the GABA receptors on the nerve cells. However, unlike benzodiazepenes, it does not have the side effects.

Skullcap - Skullcap is a foundation herb for establishing good nerve health.  Used for treating those with nerve damage — such as PTSD — it not only helps restore natural function to the synapses, it also helps release smooth muscle spasms. It also synergizes with Valerian root to help improve its effectivness.

Passion Flower – Passion flower has been well documented in clinical studies to help those with anxiety to reduce their tremors.  It is a well-known fact that often essential tremors become worse when under stress.  Passion flower helps to relax your body and lessen the stress response that makes yours tremors so bad.

GABA – GABA is an essential neurotransmitter and may be Tremadone’s greatest weapon for fighting tremors. By supplementing GABA, you can better regulate your nerves’ firing pattern and help decrease unnatural, jerky firing.

In the Tremadone formula all of the ingredients are carefully chosen to support one another, so that the end result together is much more effective than if you were to try each supplement individually.

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